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Power Quality / Energy Measurement Meters


PQ / Energy Measurement

The first step towards saving energy and improving operational processes is the measurement of the most important parameters of your electrical energy supply and monitoring the peak loads.Janitza Electronics ® offers you a complete range of power monitoring units all with GridVis software – The UMG Series.

These meters and power analyzers help you gain a comprehensive overview of your energy consumption, peak demand and power quality. The data provided from these instruments will help you to plan and monitor corrective action.

The UMG 96RM is a very compact and powerful universal measurement device designed for use in low and medium voltage distribution systems.
UMG 104
A powerful power analyzer equipped with 4MB memory for precise collection of up to 800 electrical parameters. Can monitor power quality, peak demand, power consumption, used for cost center allocation & remote process control via Digital I/O’s.Communication RS232, RS485, Modbus RTU/ Slave, Profibus
ProData ® data logger
Data Collection Storage and Supervision. Collection and storage of information from energy meters (electric, water, gas..) operation counters, stop and start time for machines and process data.16 digital inputs,1analogue +1 temperature input, 128 programmable comparators, 2 internal relay outputs, optional external relays.Communication- Modbus RTU Master/Slave, LON,RS232, RS485


Product Comparison
Janitza PQ and Energy Meter Comparison
UMG 508
This panel mounted power analyzer has a high resolution display with 256MB memory so provides extensive information on power consumption, energy demand and power quality with measurements to 40th harmonic. 8 digital inputs +5 digital outputs provide extensive programmable control capability.Communication- Ethernet, Modbus RTU Master Unit, BACNet, Profibus, RS485, TCP/IP and more.
UMG 511
High accuracy Class A power analyzer with high resolution display suitable for panel mounting. Power quality measurements to 63rd harmonic, 256MB memory together with transient capture >50μsecs provide extensive diagnostic capability together with data on energy use and peak demand. Customer programmable capability and digital I/O’s provide remote management and control opportunities.Communication- Ethernet, Modbus RTU Master Unit, BACNet, Profibus, RS485, TCP/IP and more
UMG 604
Much more than a multi-meter – this power analyzer with 128MB memory records data on power usage, demand and power quality to 40th harmonic. Digital I/O’s and dedicated analogue temperature input make this a valuable diagnostic instrument. With built in Ethernet it can send e-mail alarm messages when preset parameters are exceeded; as a Modbus RTU Master it can control up to 31 slave units e.g. UMG104, UMG103, etc.Communication- Ethernet, Modbus RTU Master Unit, Profibus, RS232, RS485, TCP/IP BACNet and more
UMG 605
High accuracy power analyzer with power quality measurements to 63rd harmonic, 128MB memory, transient capture >50μsecs provide extensive information on energy consumption, demand and power quality. Built in Ethernet can send e-mail alarms if preset limits are broken. Customer programmable capability & digital I/O’s allow for remote management and control.Communication- Ethernet, Modbus RTU Master,Profibus,RS232, RS485,TCP/IP, BACNet and more