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Surge Protective Devices

Current Technology

Current Technology Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) offer an advanced power quality monitoring system with remote accessibility via modbus and ethernet.  The monitoring feature helps the user identify and quantify critical power quality issues at a fraction of the cost of standalone power quality monitoring systems.

The optimum line of Current Technology SPDs provide true single- and repetitive-surge test data that fully comply with engineering specifications, in contrast to calculated values for single- and repetitive-surge data that competitor SPDs provide. Additional features include:

  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Listed: Type 1 SPDs to UL1449 3rd Edition
  • Smaller footprint: Occupies less space and reduces shipping costs
  • Exclusive disconnect barrier: Units with integral disconnect come standard with a safety barrier that blocks access to the line side of the disconnect
  • Enhanced standard base monitoring: Tri-colored LEDs indicate remaining protection

Current Technology SPDs also fulfill the requirements imposed by the recently implemented National Electrical Code (NEC) Article 708, Critical Operational Power System (COPS) that requires that SPDs be installed at each voltage level inside of a facility, as well as Underwriters Laboratories’ UL96A requirements for lightning protection systems.