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MasterMind® Monitoring Options

The Current Technology Monitoring systems offer multiple levels of advanced, multifunction, Power Quality monitoring for:

  • Select®—SL3™ suppression filter systems
  • TransGuard®—TG3™ suppression filter systems
  • PanelExtension —PX3™ suppression filter systems

Units come standard with the following monitoring options (M1) that include:

  • Tri-colored LED indication that changes color based on the amount of protection remaining
  • 2 sets of dry relay contacts for remote monitoring
  • Audible alarm with an alarm disable switch

There is also the option for a surge counter (M2)

The Current Technology advanced monitoring systems offer the following additional features:

  • Real-time data on product performance and distribution system power quality
  • Critical information can now be accessed remotely through the addition of both modbus and ethernet communications options
  • Time date stamps, magnitudes, and durations for most types of power quality events
  • End users the ability to set alarm conditions by establishing the magnitude and duration required to trigger an alarm event
  • Memory capacity allowing up to 2,000 events and 1,000 P.Q. records to be recorded


The surge counter function of the MasterMind® exceeds the capability of standard surge counters by not only counting but categorizing surges into three industry recognizable categories.

Most surge device counters utilize a current transformer that detects the amount of current flow through neutral or ground. When the current is high enough for the current transformer to detect it, the surge counter is incremented.

Some surge devices that employ both surge protection and filtering protection can have false surge counts caused by noise filtering. The MasterMind® surge counter registers and records surge events in excess of 100A to eliminate false readings.

Surges detected by the MasterMind® system will be categorized as low, medium, or high depending upon the level of surge current associated with each event.


All MasterMind® monitoring options sense and communicate the available surge protection for each phase. This capability assures the operator that critical loads are fully and safely protected at all times.

The MasterMind® provides real-time analysis of the percent of protection remaining so that the true status of the suppression filter system is known.


Remote communications include Modbus TCP/IP over ethernet, webserver via the ethernet connection, and modbus over RS485, or standard dry relay contacts.

Ethernet and Modbus: Provide the end user access to the critical power quality data and health of the surge unit remotely

Webserver: A platform for the end user to easily view all of the available information arranged in an easily recognizable display. Current Technology’s portable DTS-2 Diagnostic Test Set provides facility engineers, equipment technicians and other end users with easy, active testing of on-site product performance as well as distribution system voltage monitoring. Conveniently lightweight, the DTS-2 easily connects to any Current Technology MasterPLAN® suppression filter system to immediately deliver quantitative, diagnostic measurement of all modes of suppression filter system performance and effectiveness.