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Eaton UPS


In the Data Center & Facility UPS category, Eaton helps protect critical equipment by providing uninterruptible power, backup power systems and power management through both stand alone and rack-based UPS. Eaton delivers clean and efficient backup power for medium and large data centers and critical IT systems.


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BladeUPS (12-60 kW)
The BladeUPS rackmount UPS offers expandable power protection in a single 19-inch rack. Power rating: 12-60 kW.


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Eaton 9355 (10 – 30 kVA)
The Eaton 9355 UPS offers double-conversion backup power and scalable battery runtimes. A complete three-phase power protection solution. Power rating: 10-30 kVA.
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Eaton Emergency Lighting UPS – (10-80 kVA)
The Eaton Emergency Lighting UPS series offers a 90-minute battery carrying the UL 924 listing. Simplified UL compliance. Power rating: 10-80 kVA. .
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Eaton 9E (20 – 60 kVA)
The Eaton 9E UPS delivers customers the most efficient power quality solution in three key areas: space, power and cost.
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Eaton 9390 (20-160 kVA)
The Eaton 9390 UPS delivers reliable backup power in a small footprint at 99% efficiency to mid-size data centers, medical equipment and critical IT systems. Power rating: 20-160 kVA.
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Eaton 9390IT (40 kVA)
The Eaton 9390IT UPS offers clean, uninterrupted power with double-conversion topology, protecting equipment from power disturbances. Power rating: 40 kVA.
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Power Xpert 9395 (225-1100 kVA)
The Power Xpert 9395 UPS protects large data centers and other critical systems. A green UPS, the 9395 UPS operates at 99% efficiency to reduce energy usage and lower operating costs. Power rating: 225-1100 kVA.
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Eaton 9315 (200-750 kVA)
The Eaton 9315 UPS offers proven backup power for large data centers and facilities. The 9315 can be paralleled for redundancy and capacity with Powerware Hot Sync technology. Power rating: 200-750 kVA.