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Power Survey

Power Quality Survey

As today’s technology advancements are made, the increase in efficiency is automatic. These changes demand the requirement of clean power being delivered to all electrical equipment. We are no longer required to condition power for critical loads exclusively, the rest of the facility are susceptible to transients being generated by this high performance equipment. Manufacturers are not so forthcoming with the harmonics and other waveform distortions their products send back into the facility. These disturbances are not consistent and sometimes difficult to isolate. Encompass Power Solutions has the capability to locate the source of the problem and give a detailed recommendation to the customer. We will provide a summary report that will include an explanation of the waveforms taken during the Power Quality Survey.

In a continuous effort to identify our customer’s critical power needs, Encompass Power Solutions offers  Services to record and analyze your existing power condition. Our Engineering group uses the latest technology in Power Quality equipment, which gives the customer an in-depth report as to the power quality in the facility. The Power Quality monitor will record volts, amps, kW, kVA, kVAR, Power Factor, harmonic distortion, load balance, as well as, other key power components to help our Engineers summarize the data. After the data is collected, one of the Power Quality Specialists will then manipulate the data to identify specific waveform anomalies.


We are Power Quality Experts with the experience to evaluate a simple circuit or an entire facility. Encompass Power Solutions   will come to your office armed with the latest tools to identify the source of your power disruptions or give you a “clean bill of health”.