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PQ Navigator System

Did you know that 80% of all Power Quality problems originate on the customer’s side of the meter or from within a facility? And that this unnecessary downtime could cost you as much as C$173,000 per year in lost revenue for your facility?

With our EPS Power Quality meter, we help you navigate four steps to optimize your power systems to avoid power downtime and increase your financial performance through greater productivity of your systems.

See our 4-step system below and click on the image for our full 2-page brochure with more details.  

Step 1: Understand how power quality events impact your business
How do PQ events impact your business?

  • Understand the cost of poor power quality
  • Unplanned equipment shutdown and failure
  • Loss of productivity and profits due to downtime
  • Importance of knowing the root cause with verifiable data

Step 2: Install the EPS PQ Navigator
The best-in-class meter:

  • True PQ and energy meter in one
  • Easy installation
  • Full Web connectivity
  • Remote access to meter and data

Step 3: Measure your Data
This measurement period captures important data:

  • Understand data in real time
  • Relate production issues to real data
  • Monitor to determine how events directly impact the bottom line

Step 4: Navigate Solutions
Our team helps set the direction for solutions:

  • Delivers solutions that deal with your Power Quality events
  • Ties Power Quality solutions to energy savings
  • One-on-one consulting to review data
  • Presents ROI and IRR solutions

Click on the link below to download our printable 2-page brochure for more details.

Contact us to discuss your needs and whether our EPS Power Quality Navigator System may be the right solution for you.

EPS Power Quality Navigator System