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UPS Maintenance

We are an agent for Eaton Powerware Canada Service and offer the following services. 

Let us help you select the correct level for your UPS module(s).

Start-Up Service Ensuring all is well from the start, Powerware’s Customer Service Engineers:

  • Validate the installation integrity of your system
  • Start-up your system
  • Provide basic operational training


Proactive Service Plan Powerware ProActive Service Plan is more than just a warranty; it’s the most comprehensive service coverage in the industry.  With ProActive Service Plan, Powerware prevents potential downtime by taking steps ahead of time.  ProActive Service Plan includes:

  • 7 x 24 Start-up Service
  • 7 x 24 Corrective Maintenance
  • 7 x 24 Annual Performance Check
  • Annual Power Protection Audit
  • 7 x 24 Remote Monitoring Advance Response Service
  • Monthly UPS Performance Report
  • Web Access to Account Information and Site Service Activity


Premium Full Service  

Premium Full Service offers the highest level of comprehensive coverage for your UPS equipment.  It allows you to budget completely for annual service needs.  Features include:

  • Full corrective maintenance coverage of UPS electronics for one year including materials, labor and expenses.
  • Maintenance performed seven days a week / 24 hours a day.
  • Guaranteed four-hour response time for equipment within 150 kms of a Powerware Global Service established service location.
  • One annual PM inspection incorporating a visual and electrical examination and a report of the system’s condition and performance.
  • Eligibility for discounts on services outside the normal coverage, such as kVA upgrades.


UPS Preventative Maintenance 

UPS Preventative Maintenance provides the security of knowing your systems will function when you need it most.  With Preventative Maintenance, you receive the highest quality service along with the following features:

  • Comprehensive examination of internal and external operating parameters
  • Replacement of defective/worn components
  • Calibration of all metering and protective features if required
  • Functional testing of all transfer conditions
  • Inspection of on-line performance of equipment load
  • Installation of system upgrades when applicable
  • Written evaluation providing you a historical record of your equipment performance
  • Review of alarm states, history and upgrade status
  • Examination of interfaces to other equipment
  • Visual check on batteries and battery environment


Battery Preventative Maintenance 

Whether a battery fails from a defect or deterioration, the best time to find out is during preventative maintenance service, not during a power failure when critical loads might be compromised.  Our preventative maintenance package includes:

  • Comprehensive maintenance for your VRLA or flooded batteries
  • Measure of cell voltage levels
  • Visual inspection for leaks or bad cells
  • Spot check for connection torques
  • Load testing
  • Inspection of battery environment
  • Detailed report of battery test and inspection results and recommendations for corrective actions


Battery Update Service 

With Battery Update Service, you can refresh your UPS instead of risking critical loads as a result of weak batteries.  Battery Update Service can save you time and money, while eliminating stress and headaches.  Battery Update Service includes:

  • Removal of all old batteries
  • Installation of new batteries
  • Check of charging voltage
  • Ground freight
  • Battery Disposal and recycling


kVA UpgradesPowerware Global Services will fully upgrade your UPS to a higher kVA rating so you can protect additional equipment.  You receive increased power protection without spending the time and money required in buying and installing new equipment.  Powerware kVA Upgrades can provide you with the following:

  • Additional critical power capacity and protection
  • Cost-effective means to protect additional critical applications
  • Maximized functionality of existing equipment
  • Service scheduled at your convenience


Remanufactured Equipment 

If you want power protection solutions that fit your budget with the same cost-effective reliability of tried and true UPS systems, then you may want to consider Remanufactured Equipment.  Features include:

  • Components replaced and/or refurbished to restore system to “like-new condition”
  • Each system is tested under load to ensure maximum performance and reliability
  • All UPS systems are upgraded to the most recent revision levels and thoroughly tested for reliability
  • Backed by a 12 month warranty